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How A Virtual Tour Benefits Realtors and Home Owners:

Virtual tours have become one of the most important tools for selling a house.

92% of home buyers consider the addition of property photos to an online listing to be very important.

The average online listing with a virtual tour receives 38% more views than listings without tours. 

Virtual tours are like having a 24x7 open house – available online without agents or the home seller having to show the property. 

The average virtual tour on REALTOR.com® receives an average of 13 hits per day and each scene gets four views per day. 

Homebuyers are becoming much more Web savvy.

As high as 80% of homebuyers are using the Internet to get home buying information.

Internet homebuyers are more educated and invest significant time investigating the housing market and financing options before contacting a Realtor.

Internet buyers spend nearly three times as much time investigating real estate markets before contacting a Realtor than traditional homebuyers.

By the time Internet buyers contact an agent, they have a good understanding of what they want, where they want to live and what they can afford.

Internet buyers spend 4.6 weeks investigating homes and neighborhoods before contacting a Realtor as opposed to 1.9 weeks for traditional homebuyers. 

Most Internet homebuyers (89%) use the Internet in the home buying process before they start to look for a specific home.

Internet homebuyers start using the Internet very early in the home buying process and before selecting a real estate agent.

Since Internet buyers typically have a good understanding of what they want, where they want to live, and what they can afford, they tend to look at fewer homes and buy faster.

Traditional homebuyers spent over three times as much time looking for a home with a real estate agent than Internet buyers do (6.44 weeks versus 2.10 weeks)

Traditional homebuyers look at nearly twice (15.08) as many homes with a real estate agent prior to purchase as Internet buyers (7.93).

78% of Internet homebuyers found their Realtor on the Internet.

Additionally, Internet homebuyers act quickly and purchase a home in less time than do traditional buyer. 

Nearly all Internet homebuyers (96%) are very likely to use the Internet the next time they purchase a home. 

Internet homebuyers on average purchased a more expensive home than traditional homebuyers ($403,752 versus $321,950). 

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